In the modern workplace it is inevitable that disputes will arise. However, conflicts do not have to escalate to lawsuits. Through mediation we offer an alternative to the expense and uncertainty of lengthy litigation. Mediation provides a forum to resolve disputes without going to court or arbitration.

Mediation is especially helpful in dealing with the myriad of legal, factual, and emotional issues that are often present in workplace disputes. It provides a cost-effective, confidential, and sensitive forum for discussing difficult issues without direct, contentious confrontations.

Workplace matters that we mediate include:

Harassment, Discrimination, and Wrongful Termination

Mediation of harassment complaints can be an opportunity for the claimant to express his or her concerns, and for the employer to resolve the situation in a confidential, sensitive setting. The privacy and confidentiality of mediation allows the parties to preserve their reputations, and early mediation can significantly reduce litigation fees and costs.

Mediation can also address the emotional element present in these and other employment disputes such as claims of discrimination or wrongful termination. Through careful listening and thoughtfully crafted, personalized solutions, the parties can potentially begin closure of the conflict.

Wage & Hour

These are matters related to violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state and local wage and hour laws, such as failure to pay overtime or misclassification of employees. We mediate both individual and class or collective wage and hour cases.

If you are involved in an employment or workplace dispute, mediation may be the right choice. Please contact us to discuss your matter.

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