Below is a sample of matters Windsor PLC has successfully litigated for our clients.

Client v. City and County of San Francisco, et al.

Client, a passenger on a MUNI bus, was standing and holding onto the metal stanchions waiting to get off at her stop. As the bus approached an intersection, the traffic light changed from green to yellow. A motor vehicle turned left through the intersection. The operator of the bus failed to brake and slow the bus as it approached the intersection. The operator slammed on the brakes of the bus, causing Client to fall and hit her head on the metal console at the front of the bus. Client suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Outcome: The defendants paid $2.1 million to settle the case. The City and County of San Francisco paid $2 million on behalf of itself, and the motor vehicle driver defendant paid $100,000 to settle the case.

Yvonne A. v. Allied Prop. And Casualty Ins. Co.

Allied Ins. Co. denied coverage for water damage to home and personal property. Allied failed to perform an adequate investigation, and retained subcontractors not only failed to abate spread of mold but also contributed to its spreading throughout client's property.

Outcome: Allied Ins. Co. agreed to pay Client $900,000 to settle all claims related to damage to real and personal property, for relocation costs, and to rebuild client's home.

Client v. So. San Francisco Conf. Center Auth.

The client, was conducting the final day of an educational seminar at the South San Francisco Conference Center (SSFCC). Students from all over the world attend the client's conferences. Prior to the subject incident, the client had held its conferences at the SSFCC for 17 years. During the seminars held on this final day, a noise disturbance caused by another conference held in an adjoining conference room prevented the client from continuing with its seminars. The client requested that the SSFCC ask that the noise disturbance be quelled. The SSFCC staff said they addressed the issue and would not take further action. The client was then forced to discontinue its seminars and dismiss its students.

Outcome: The SSFCCA agreed to pay the client $100,000 to resolve the client's causes of action. SSFCCA also agreed to dismiss all causes of action on its cross-complaint and released the client from all claims without payment or offset.

Homeowner Client v. Roofing Co., Farmers Insurance Co.

Represented homeowner in construction defect/bad faith action for property damage. A storm caused water intrusion and damage to Client's home. Client's insurance carrier denied coverage and the roofer that installed the roof through which water entered denied liability.

Outcome: Client's insurance carrier and the co-defendants agreed to resolve the matter for $135,000 collectively.

Eladio A. and Son v. Motor Vehicle Driver

Represented 77-year-old man and son in personal injury action resulting from rear end accident. Elderly Client and his son were rear-ended while stopped on El Camino Real in So. San Francisco. Moved for preference based on Client's age and his injuries, and the court advanced the trial date. Client suffered from an exacerbation of his COPD, chest contusion, and whiplash.

Outcome: The defendant's insurance carrier paid $125,000 to Client and his son to settle the case.

Julia T v. Motor Vehicle Driver

Pedestrian Client was struck and knocked down by a vehicle while she was walking in a crosswalk on a residential street near her home in San Jose.

Outcome: Driver's insurance carrier agreed to pay Client $85,000 to resolve all claims related to her injuries.

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